Monday, February 23, 2009

A chocolife.

A lot of people ask me “What does chocolife mean?”. Well here’s the answer…

It’s the life that gives me happiness and contentment.

It’s really hard, while you’re busy withering the storm of every day life, to see things with real perspective, to know what’s important and what is it that you really want from your life.

We have work to pay attention to, people emailing us for information and requesting action, we have phone calls and visitors and a long to-do list and a million chores to run and all of the million errands of our daily reality … and yet, what is important?

Ask yourself this: if you suddenly found out you only had 6 months to live (for whatever reason), would the thing in front of you matter to you?

Would those 20 emails waiting for a response matter? Would the paperwork waiting to be processed matter? Would the work you’re doing matter? Would the meetings you’re supposed to have matter? Would a big car and nice house and high-paying job and cool computer and mobile device and nice shoes and clothes matter?

I’m not saying they wouldn’t matter … but it’s important to ask yourself if they would.

What would matter to you?

For many of us, it’s the loved ones in our lives. If we don’t have loved ones … maybe it’s time we started figuring out why, and addressing that. Maybe we haven’t made time for others, for getting out and meeting others and helping others and being passionate about others. Maybe we have shut ourselves in somehow. Or maybe we do have loved ones in our lives, but we don’t seem to have the time we want to spend with them.

When was the last time you told your loved ones you loved them? Spent good quality time with them, being in the moment?

For many of us, doing work that matters … would matter. That might mean helping others, or making a vital contribution to society, or creating something brilliant and inspiring, or expressing ourselves somehow. It’s not the money that matters, but the impact of the work. Are you doing work that matters?

For many of us, experiencing life would matter — really going all out and feeling the beauty all around us, finding passion in our lives, seeing the world and traveling, being with great people, doing amazing things, eating amazing food, singing, playing.

These are just a few ideas … but what would matter to you?

Its important that you spend at least a little time, and regularly think about this question … figuring out what really matters, finding what makes your chocolife… and start living it.

Because while you might not have only 6 months to live, you really do only have a short time to live. Whether that’s 6 months, 6 years or 60 … it’s just the blink of an eye.

The life you have left is a gift. Cherish it. Enjoy it now, to the fullest. Do what matters, now. Live your chocolife.


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