Saturday, May 29, 2010

I. Me. Myself.

25 things about me that i have never said out loud:

1.      Im a dreamer… I dream all the time… about my life, the way I want it to be. It gives me happiness, a reason to smile. I dream about my illustrious career, love and what will I do with the money I wanna have one day!
2.      I love smiling. I believe it’s the only true expression of how nice your heart is feeling. And it is so contagious.
3.      I cant stay hungry. Food is something I just cant resist.
4.      Im a compulsive shopaholic. I always give into the temptation of buying that gadget, or shoe or anything that catches my fancy.
5.      Im happiest when Im travelling.
6.      I love loud music in my car and I often dance while driving and have been embarrassed many times when people notice me doing this. And Yes. I sing to the steering wheel.
7.      Iv never smoked. I came close once… bt cudnt get a hold of a lighter to light the damn thing. Thank God for that.
8.      I love my brother like crazy. When I was five I used to pray to god I got a brother. And I think god gave me the best.
9.      I live in the past! I am still trying to gradually come out of the ugly memories.
10.  Im addicted to TV.
11.  Im very careless.
12.  Im an absurdly slow reader. I haven’t completed ‘The Fountainhead’ in 3 tries.
13.  I can't say 'no' to anybody for anything.
14.  I wanna own a farm house where I want to design my own tree house.
15.  I love dogs.
16.  I can never forget my first real crush (which was more than a crush) when I was in 10th standard. I still adore her. It took me 8 years to finally muster the courage to speak about it with her. And guess what… she knew about it all the while. Now we are good friends and we laugh about it.
17.  I hate to shave. I wudnt do it if I had a choice.
18.  I had the most amazing school life one can imagine. I still have most of my good friends from school.
19.  I love sleeping.
20.  Im a movie buff. I see a movie everyday before I sleep.
21.  I hate city life. Sometimes I have this urge to run away to some secluded island far away from the rat race that people call their lives.
22.  Up until 3 years ago I was afraid of water. Now Im finding excuses to get to a beach. Guess that’s what 3 months in Goa does to people.
23.  As a kid, I dreamed of being a professional football player. I idolized David Beckham.
24.  Im a mumma’s boy. I just love it the way she wakes me up like a baby every morning.
25.  I cant cook to save my life without either cutting/ burning my fingers. The mess I leave behind in the kitchen can’t be described here. But I still secretly enjoy the whole experience of cooking for someone.