Friday, April 25, 2008

The Simple Pleasures that make my Choco Life

Heres a few moments that make my choco life complete...

Enjoying the sound of silence
Cuddling up and watching a DVD with a loved one
Smell of the first rain
Time alone with a good book
"Life" converstaions with my best pal
My hot cup of tea on a cold day
Going home to a well made bed after a hard day's work
Succumbing to a mid-afternoon nap
Waking up to a clean uncluttered room
Spending time with my family without having to bother about work
Letting a freshly made chocolate chip cookie melt slowly in my mouth with my eyes closed
Watching the sun rise
A hug when i need it
Dew on the grass in the morning
Watching my bro become an achiever in life
Laughing so hard, tears come out of my eyes
Looking into the eyes of a dog when i cuddle it
Going at a 100 kmph on an empty highway
Getting homemade gifts
Splashing in the rain
Going on a roadtrip to nowhere
Being able to cry when i need to
Going back home after months into mums loving arms
A smile from a loved one
Immersing myself into my Xbox all night long
Calvin & Hobbes
Waking up to the sound of birds chirping outside my window in the morning
Getting a call from a loved one, just when I need it
Feeling true love in the eyes of that someone special
Listening to my mums laughter over the phone
A good game of football
Sitting and smiling for no apparent reason
A warm shower after a hard and tiring day
The feeling of being loved and wanted
Listening to the sound of the waterfall
Lying on the bed, watching the fan go round... thinking about my choco life :)

Hey SB... thanks for inspiring me to do this. And to everyone whos played a role in my choco life. Cheers.


sushmita said...

I donno what to say!
Welcome though!!!!


sushmita said...

That was Soooooooo sweet of ye!!!
Am elated and feeling so good about the fact that i managed to inspire someone to do something i did........coz these days all of us steal ideas and concepts!! but do we acknowledge the fact that the idea was not born in our my mind??? neways bud.....way to go!! thanks again....u sure put a smile on my face! thanks for that!!!!

Saritha Thomas said...

really sweet!!!

witty said... so J...